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The wines of Gianfranco Soldera are amongst some of the greatest wines in the world. Soldera’s wines combine great concentration, richness and aromatic complexity with classic structure.

The vineyards are managed naturally, as an integrated ecosystem where refuge areas are set aside for natural predators. No herbicides are used and the fertilizers applied are organic. The vines themselves are clones Gianfranco isolated from old vineyards, which he propagated himself.

After a long period of ageing, we are pleased to present the new 2009 vintage of the Toscana Sangiovese 100% Soldera, the unique and typical expression of the special terroir of the winery, obtained from grapes grown in our vineyards, fermented naturally with native yeasts, without pressing or filtration and without additives except for sulphites.

Thanks to a QR Code printed on the back label, every bottle of the 2009 vintage also comes with a tech sheet full of information about the history of the wine, a section on the special Soldera bottle has been added this year to focus on the importance of every detail in order to protect the quality of the wine and to guarantee an excellent tasting experience. Also the cork, insulated case, transport, storage, serving temperature and glass play an important role.

The scientific report drawn up by Professor Massimo Vincenzini (GESAAF Department of Florence University) and Professor Luigi Odello (International Academy of Sensory Analysis) is the result of studies currently being carried out at Case Basse (among them, one on DNA traceability by Dr Rita Vignani), whose main facts are reported in brief.

2009 VINTAGE 750
2013 VINTAGE 750