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A complex, rich nose elegantly reflects the qualities of the Prosecco grape. Classic fragrances of green apple, characteristic of the Prosecco, are in clear evidence, accompanied by nuances of pear, tropical fruit, and acacia blossom.

The wine shows a pale straw yellow, elegant and crisp on the palate, it boasts a delicate mousse of pin-point bubbles and a broad spectrum of flavours that makes the ideal partner to recipes in the Mediterranean tradition, in particular first courses and fish dishes.

Le Vigne di Alice is the product of two longtime female winemakers, Cinzia Canzian and Pier Francesca Bonicelli coming together and launching their label ‘Le Vigne di Alice’ that illustrates what you can do when you have amazing vineyards in with Conegliano e Valdobiaddine DOCG Soil and style and vision to produce high quality Prosecco that looks and tastes as good as it should.

2017 EXTRA DRY 750